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How to Get a Police Report for a Car Accident in Wisconsin


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Police reports are often crucial for victims seeking compensation against a negligent driver. That is why it is vital that Wisconsin car accident victims learn how to obtain a copy of a police report after a devastating crash.

Wisconsin car accident victims can get a copy of a police report by going online or visiting their local police department in person. Depending on your chosen method, you may have to provide certain information and pay a fee to obtain a police report. Generally, it takes several days for these detailed reports to be available in Wisconsin. To simplify the process, Wisconsin car accident victims can seek assistance from our experienced attorneys, who can retrieve a police report and help victims understand its contents.

Our attorneys are dedicated to helping car accident victims in Wisconsin recover compensatory damages after a collision. For a free case evaluation with the Wisconsin car accident lawyers at Wruck Paupore, call today at (219) 322-1166.

Ways to Get a Police Report After a Car Accident in Wisconsin

Suppose you plan to file a compensation claim against a negligent driver after a car accident in Wisconsin. In that case, it’s important that you gain access to a copy of the police report for your collision. Generally, Wisconsin victims can retrieve a police report in one of two ways: by going online or visiting their local police department in person.


After Wisconsin law enforcement officials complete police reports, they upload these finished documents to an online portal. Unlike some other states, Wisconsin has a state-affiliated site for victims to search and access their completed police reports. Generally, victims need only input their personal information and crash details, such as the accident date and report number, to find a copy of their police report online.

It is important to note that while Wisconsin offers this online portal, local police departments may also choose to upload reports to third-party websites. Car accident victims should be wary of these sites, as there is no guarantee that the information provided in a police report from a third-party website will be accurate, and many of these reports are redacted or incomplete. If you wish to access your police report online and are having difficulty, your Wisconsin car accident lawyer can help you retrieve it and comprehend its contents.

In Person

Generally, local police departments in Wisconsin allow car accident victims to retrieve a copy of a police report in person. This can be difficult, especially if you sustained serious injuries in a crash. In that case, your Milwaukee car accident lawyer can obtain a paper copy of a police report on your behalf and review it with you.

Wisconsin police departments generally charge a fee for paper copies retrieved in person. Fees are generally attributed to the work and time it takes to properly complete and file a police report. Generally, fees depend on the size of a police report. To ensure you have proper payment on hand when accessing a paper copy of a police report in person, you can call ahead to inquire about the cost per page.

To ultimately access a copy of your report in person, you may only need to provide certain identifying information, like your driver’s license number and the accident date. Providing the report number is often the quickest way for Wisconsin police staff to locate a report. While police officers should provide you with this information at an accident site, your attorney can help if you never received it or misplaced it.

How Soon After a Car Accident Can I Get a Police Report in Wisconsin?

Car accident reports are detailed documents containing crucial information regarding a collision’s events. If you were recently injured in a car accident in Wisconsin, it is important to learn how long it may be before you can successfully retrieve a copy of your police report.

Depending on a crash’s severity and complexity, it may take a significant amount of time for Wisconsin law enforcement officials to complete and file a police report. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation estimates that victims can expect to access a police report online within ten to 15 days of a crash.

Generally, Wisconsin car accident victims can obtain a copy sooner when they visit the police department that completed their report. That said, it may still be several days before your report becomes available for in-person retrieval.

Car accident victims can check the online portal periodically in the days after a crash to see if their report is available for purchase and download. Victims can also call their local police department to ensure their report is ready for retrieval before they attempt to access it in person.

While police reports take time to complete, victims are generally eager to access their reports so that they can recover compensation after a crash. If it appears that your police report is taking too long to be made available, reach out to your Indiana car accident lawyer. Our attorneys can contact the necessary parties to inquire about the delay.

Why is it Important to Get a Police Report After a Wisconsin Car Accident?

After a car accident, victims generally require access to compensatory damages. While a police report is not considered evidence in a Wisconsin car accident lawsuit, it can contain information that supports your compensation claim.

Getting a police report after a collision is crucial. Wisconsin law enforcement officials generally include all pertinent information about a crash in these reports. For example, a police report will contain details about a negligent driver’s actions and a victim’s injuries. Wisconsin police reports may also note accounts from eyewitnesses and police officers’ own opinions.

Using the information in a police report, your skilled attorney can unearth evidence that strengthens your claim against a negligent driver. If a police report for your collision exists and you plan to pursue compensatory damages, it is important that you obtain a copy.

Call Our Wisconsin Attorneys to Obtain a Copy of Your Car Accident Report Today

If you’ve recently been injured in a car accident in Wisconsin, our attorneys can help. For a free case evaluation with the Indianapolis car accident lawyers at Wruck Paupore, call today at (219) 322-1166.

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